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So I have had this desire to do a blog since I was a teenager but I did not how to start one, also did not so much confidence in myself so exposing my feelings would have been premature. I went back to this desire when my book “My Pain Perfected” was released this year, but again just was not sure. Amazing how self doubt hinders us from an abundant life hey… A few things were in my mind. Firstly I had not written a book to be famous but I had written it as medicine to the raw wounds – with some turning septic. The outcomes though went beyond my imagination. Secondly was that the manuscript that was turned a book was navigation backwards to track who I am and so it was more for me than anyone else, but also because I didn’t think my first book would be about my messy life. Like for real!

Publishing the book took me through a journey I was not prepared for but familiar with because I dreamt of it my whole life though denying it was easier than accepting. I just did not know it would happen. Call it lack of faith …I call it finding myself in grace. Why? There are some things I have learnt about favour and grace – they operate beyond your weakness, inequities and failures. It does not matter how much faith you have or do not have, when grace locates you – the darkest roads become your path of being carried because you realise you’ve never been alone and that there is a special favour on you because you have survived every lions den! You get it? Yeah! These are some of the lessons that have led to me accepting the special call on my life, to be an instrument of change for those who like me – have been in the dark, living while watching on the sidelines. For those who have loved and failed at love, cried and found no solution and for those who understand that we find perfection in our flaws. Mostly for those who are still trying to make sense of it all – we all have not arrived.

My intention is not to be too emotional or spiritual but to be REAL! I want to be real about everything that affects human beings and I would like you to also be real with me. I have had the privilege of meeting so many powerful people (not famous people) but people who have had conversations with the serpent, been broken, lied about, lost their jobs, marriages, families rejecting them, selling their bodies…I could go on…these are the people that have made me more comfortable to be real because life is not as glamorous as it is on Social Media or on TV and Magazines.

I ask you to walk this journey with me – like, comment, share (with reference) that’s the academic in me. This is not my platform but it is for every soul that seeks to be true and whole realising that life is full of processes. So we will talk about everything. Money, relationships, friendship, family, church, fashion, health, sex – everything. Obviously much of the writing will be personal but I welcome your suggestions. I look forward to doing life with you.

It is a new season!!!


Signed with love:


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  • Aya

    You never seaze to amaze me. May God continue to bless you and increase your territory abundantly. you so much

  • Sihle

    Beautiful! I’m so proud of you Sima. Looking forward to more that is yet to come..

  • Pholoso

    This is beautiful, goodluck on your journey… I know you have great strength to win 🙂

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